About Rona

Nowadays I’m a Holistic Health Coach, a Wellness Consultant, and a Blogger. And I’m passionate about helping people improve their lives in the areas of health, wellness, and finances. We don’t have to bring dis-ease upon ourselves, a lot of the problem is the lifestyle we have and the foods we eat.

I changed my eating in a significant way in late 2011 after watching “Food Matters,” a very eye-opening  DVD. Practically overnight I emptied my cupboards and discarded sugar, processed foods, table salt,  caffeine, dairy and meat products. Although I now eat some limited meat products, I have continued to refrain from all the “nasties” that caused me to feel poorly and gain weight. If I had only known that changing what foods I eat could cause me to feel so good, I would have done that sooner.

And speaking of my past, making these changes was what helped me decide to become a Holistic Health Coach. Which led, pretty much naturally, into my Wellness business, as this is such a great complement to Health Coaching.

As you explore my website, you’ll get a better idea of what Health Coaching is and how it can benefit  you. It’s not that we don’t know what to do to become healthier (for the most part), it’s that we don’t feel we can do it alone. And that’s the beauty of working with a Coach, an objective partner who can keep you focused on your goals.

I’ve come out of retirement to become an entrepreneur again and it’s great to be ‘back in the saddle’ once more. Previously I operated a home-based secretarial service, worked as an administrative assistant, taught part-time at local community colleges and adult ed, and was a missionary serving overseas in northern Spain, Turkey, and Brazil after my husband of 29 years passed away.

The last few years have been an adventure, and it isn’t finished yet. Join me on this latest adventure, won’t you? Let me help you find your focus and improve your health and wellbeing — and even your finances. Today is good, but tomorrow and the future, well, as they say, ‘the best is yet to come’.