Client Comments

Working with Rona as my Health Coach was awesome.  She addressed many issues I had been working on independently for months with minimal to zero progress.  As soon as I addressed them with Rona’s assistance, the baby steps we decided on took me further faster than I could have done alone.  My “issues” were quickly resolved and I haven’t looked back.  My overall life, personal and business, is dramatically improved because I had the opportunity to work with Rona.  I could never thank her enough.

C.I., Findlay, OH

I was in big need of a coach–someone who would listen and guide me to take the steps necessary to better health. It was helpful to have Rona ask good questions and to listen to her suggestions. She had great ideas from which I could choose and then commit to implement in the following week. I was helped enormously by her encouragement and gentle pushing.

L.H., Philadelphia PA

Health coaching is such a powerful tool, especially for those dealing with major medical and life issues. It gives you the space to think clearly about what areas in your life need to be built up and empowers you to take realistic action as you set goals with your health coach. Working with Rona I was able to set a realistic workout plan which has stuck with me beyond our coaching season. Rona has been such an inspiration to me. In our sessions she helped me to gain a healthy perspective in my battle with a serious disease and through health coaching techniques empowered me to tackle areas that otherwise felt overwhelming. I have developed, with Rona’s help, a work-out plan that is realistic and which revitalizes me.

D.K., Istanbul Turkey

I sought out Rona’s coaching to help me quit smoking. The first thing Rona did was help me prioritise my goals, as I was feeling overwhelmed by all the improvements I knew I needed to make for my health.
Over three months of weekly sessions, “take baby steps” was her constant refrain  as from our talks  she perceived  I had usually failed in the past by setting unrealistic goals.  During our discussions Rona was empathetic and encouraging, reframing my view of perceived failure to a lesson learned and ground gained. In her professional manner, she also held me to account for what I said I wanted, and shared ideas from her education and life experience that were very helpful in that she presented new ways and perspectives on how to deal with previous barriers. At all times I felt treated with integrity, respect and compassion. With her counselling I began on the journey of success and am now a “recovering smoker”, which is a moment by moment gain in the right direction. I now feel a sense of control over my behaviour and choices which has led me on to my next goal, with the plan Rona helped me design for the way I can best achieve success. And of course, with those baby steps.  :)
I can highly recommend her counselling services.

M.L., Ontario, Canada

Rona pointed us to take the “step in the right direction” concerning our health. We learned about a technology that’s helping my diabetic neuropathy, and as a result of Rona’s suggestion to begin juicing, constipation is no longer an issue in our household!

B.W., Bradenton FL