Stopping That Annoying Snoring Sound That Ruins Your Sleep

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When you ask a group of people to describe a snoring sound you will get everything from a kitten purring to a freight train roaring through the bedroom. While studies all suggest that those with a higher body mass index are more prone to snoring, even the smallest of people can drown out the sound of a low-flying jet.

Essentially a snoring sound is made when the soft tissue on the top palate relaxes during sleep and is vibrated by breathing. It can also occur due to an enlargement of the uvula, that triangular piece of tissue hanging from the roof of the mouth, near the back of the throat. Both however are caused by the vibration caused by breathing.

Snoring can also be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, during which a person’s airway is so restricted that they partially awaken, sometimes hundreds of times each night to breathe, and not remember waking up. Recent studies have shown a difference in the snoring sound of person with obstructive sleep apnea and those with simple snoring.

Medical Analysis is Recommended

Although the acoustic analysis of snoring sound from two known sources may sound alike to the human ear. Sound waves show two distinct patterns in most of the tested subjects. The analyzed snoring sound of those with obstructive sleep apnea seemed to be deeper with more resonating waves, while those with simple snoring were not as resonant or as deep. More studies need to be done before a determined snoring sound can be attributed to either group.

Studies on snoring sound do have a deeper purpose than simply trying to find out how loud someone can snore. With the cause being restrictions in the airway, the effects can be hazardous. When people struggle to breath, it is possible their body becomes starved for oxygen, which is being blamed for heart attacks and stroke. Other studies have shown a higher incident rate of snoring and diabetes in a higher ratio for people with a higher body mass index.

For many, a snoring sound is a sign of other problems, especially if the snoring sound is excessively loud and persists almost nightly. Others, who may have overindulged in alcohol just prior to bedtime, will probably not snore again, unless there are other problems or they drink heavily before bedtime again. Then there are the occasional snorers whose snoring sound to some is comforting to let them know they are beside them and doing well.